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Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully and understand the terms and conditions before agreeing to register unto this website. The terms and conditions serve as an agreement between you and us (loverspub Website). Accepting the terms and conditions of the loverspub website means that you have read and understood the use of this website. The terms and conditions are subject to changes and modifications and can be revised from time to time without prior notice. loverspub website is currently free but we reserve the rights to introduce payments for whatever service at any point in time.

  1. Access:You are responsible for making arrangements for accessing this site and you are also responsible for ensuring that all persons who use the site through your internet connections are acquainted with the terms and conditions and comply with them.
  2. Information: Your information is processed in accordance to our privacy policy. See privacy policy here. You agree that all information you provide is correct by using this website
  3. Eligibility: You must be 18 years and above to be eligible to use this site. The website is for personal use only and organizations, business or companies may not use the website for any purpose.
  4. Registration: You may register as a member for this website for free.
  5. Contents: You are solely responsible for the type of content you display on the website and exchange of information with other members of loverspub. The following contents are prohibited:
    • Contents that promote discrimination, hatred, bigotry or physical harm to any member of the site.
    • Contents that harasses or promote the harassment of others
    • Contents that are homophobic, religious intolerant, threatening, abusive, vulgar, and overtly political and contents that promotes any sort of harassment.
    • Contents that promote misleading or false information to other members of the site.
    • Contents that display pornographic or sexually explicit content.
  6. Use of Service: loverspub website should be used in a manner with all the applicable laws and registrations.
    • You must not divulge any information (which may include comments, pictures, messages, and any other information strictly personal) of past and present which may have or may have not been disclosed to you. Unauthorized access to the website is highly prohibited.
    • You are prohibited to contact members who have withdrawn their consent to be content on or off the website.
    • This website is strictly a dating site and as such any advertisements of any type of goods, services and products between members are strictly prohibited.
    • You are advised not to send or receive money using this platform. loverspub website will not be responsible for any financial loss. You send or receive money solely at your own risk.
    • loverspub website neither carries out background information of members of this website nor ascertain the authenticity of the statements or comments made by the members as well as pictures displayed. Therefore, loverspub we advise you to apply extreme caution when exchanging information and/or meeting with people. You should only give out your personal information when you are satisfied and comfortable with the person(s) you are sharing the information with.
    • loverspub shall not be responsible for any false, inaccurate or misleading contents. We strongly advise that information and member contents should not be taken as wholly accurate. If there are any concerns over a member’s content, feel free to contact us and she shall make a review.
    • loverspub reserve the right to delete or take down any content which might include photos and comments that are considered offensive, illegal or cause harm to other members.
  7. Cancellation of Membership: You reserve the exclusive rights to cancel your membership at any point in time for whatever reason.
  8. Our Responsibilities: We reserve the rights to make changes to the site at any point in time. We will do our best to provide regular maintenance for the effective use of the website.


The loverspub website is a dating site and we do not perform background checks on members registered on this website. Therefore, information shared between members of the loverspub dating site isexchanged at each Member’s risk. loverspub website shall not be responsible for any damages of any kind that might occur as a result of the interaction or meeting with other members of the site. Users’discretion is highly advised.

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